Joining PRSA and the Central Chesapeake Chapter is one of the best career investments that local area communications professionals can make. Membership in a recognized professional association can enhance your employability, skills, contacts, and your standing with your management or clients.Join PRSA now!

How to Join

You must belong to PRSA National in order to join the Central Chesapeake Chapter.

  • Professionals with three or more years’ experience in public relations can join at the regular membership rate of $225 per year.

  • Professionals with less than three years’ experience in public relations, recent college graduates and full-time graduate students can join at a reduced rate.PRSA also offers discount pricing when purchasing memberships together. 

  • Membership in PRSA Central Chesapeake Chapter is $50 per year. Annual dues do not include the cost of monthly programs, which range from $20 to $30 each.

Join PRSA now!


Benefits of Joining PRSA Central Chesapeake Chapter

Joining PRSA Central Chesapeake Chapter can help you:

  • Expand your circle of colleagues and contacts.

  • Discover new communications trends, strategies and techniques through monthly programs.

  • Exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences with local experts and professional peers.

  • Step into leadership and organizational roles within the chapter.

  • Learn about business development and job opportunities in the community.

Benefits of Joining PRSA

National PRSA membership expands these benefits to the national public relations community. Becoming a member of PRSA helps you: